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From the IRF President, Melissa Van Dyke:
Three years ago, the Incentive Research Foundation launched its Vision2020, a blueprint for the future, ensuring we would continue to lead the incentive and recognition industry with actionable research and education. To do this, we made a commitment to focus on cultivating community and collaboration in the global incentive and recognition industry, to amplify the use of IRF research and education in all business disciplines, and to increase the incentive and recognition research both produced and used by academia and business. I am so pleased the culmination of these efforts has led to the production of the world’s first journal focused on academic research into incentives, rewards,recognition, and motivation in the workplace. We anticipate this academic review to be both a testing ground for outstanding academic work on motivation occurring within academia and a beacon for interested academics looking to further understand this body of work.

  • Volume 1, Number 1: Improving Practice & Application
    Release: Spring 2018

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    This issue of The IRF Quarterly Academic Review contains: 
    Summary: Why Individuals Want Money is What Matters 
    Summary: The Effects of Cash vs. Non-Cash Rewards in Sales Contests
    Summary: The Reward Value of Time
    Research Abstracts
    Books: Reviewed & Recommended


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