leadership insights forum: the peak experience

Education and Research Topics

The Leadership Insights Forum offers attendees the opportunity to engage in discussion with their peers and fellow thought leaders during 2 days of intimate education workshops and netwokring sessions. The Leadership Insights Forum will concentrate on a variety important studies, many of which have not yet been released. You can see these studies below. You can also learn more about our engaging keynote speaker, John Beede, by clicking here

  • U.S. Federal Regulations and Non-Cash Awards
    This study examines how end-users are currently addressing regulatory and tax requirements in their firm’s non-cash reward and recognition programs. The study identifies gaps in real-world management of programs on the front line, and where the industry can best support program owners.
  • Program Owners Voice of the Market 
    This qualitative study takes an in-depth look at how corporate program owners are thinking about and designing their programs.  It involves 1-2 hour live discussions with 50-60 program owners.Topics include Program Design, Placement of Cash and Non Cash, and What Is Needed from Our Industry.
  • Predictive Analytics and the Future of Non Cash Awards
    This study provides an overview of People Analytics followed by a lengthier examination of big data, data analytics and predictive analytics as it is being used (or could be used) in reward & recognition and engagement programs. The study also explores how organizations can begin to leverage the techniques today as well as what the landscape might look like in five to ten years for reward & recognition professionals.
  • Artificial Intelligence and the Future of Non Cash Awards
    This study examines how artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning are currently being used (or could be used) in reward & recognition programs and to what effect. Readers will gain a practical understanding of how they might leverage AI and machine learning in IRR today and what they can expect to gain if they do. The study also addresses where AI technology is headed relative to the IRR industry. 
  • Ten Things Top Performing Companies Do Differently (IRF Incentive Benchmarking Survey)
    This study takes Top Performing businesses in the U.S. (those with the highest year over year revenue increases, employee satisfaction and customer satisfaction) and identifies how these businesses think about, design and support their non cash reward and recognition programs differently than average businesses.
  • Award Program Value & Evidence and Establishing the Intangible, Non-Financial Value of Awards Programs
    This two part study looks at how program owners are currently establishing the value of the non-cash reward and recognition programs include both the financial metrics used as well as the non-financial benefits. 
  • The Incentive Travel Industry Index powered by SITE Index, IRF Outlook and FICP
    This collaborative study looks at the outlook and trends for Incentive Travel. Topics include: economic optimism, budgets, award types, program changes, etc.
  • Industry Outlook – Merchandise and Gift Card Market
    This perennial decade-long study looks at the outlook and trends for Gift Cards and Merchandise.  Topics include: economic optimism, budgets, award types, program changes, etc.



Adventurer John Beede has been struck by lighting, attacked by a 5-foot iguana, and he once did the hokey-pokey in the eye of a hurricane. He’s been swimming with Hammerhead, Great White, and Whale sharks. He was even trapped in the Indonesian jungle between warring tribes and the world’s largest goldmine. His travels have taken him to 56 countries and every continent including Antarctica.

In his presentation, you’re going to learn the peak performance and leadership lessons that John learned while pursuing his life’s biggest dream; reaching the summit of Mount Everest. After two months of climbing, 9 months of full-time preparation, and 17 years of mountaineering, he planted his trusty ice axe into the summit of Mount Everest. Subsequently, he was featured on TV’s 60 Minutes and media outlets across the globe.

He is not sponsored. All funding for his expeditions comes from building and selling his own companies. Additionally, he has authored two books, including Climb On! Success Strategies for Teens and The Mini-Manual for Becoming Super Awesome. Together, they have sold over 50,000 copies. After his talk,you’re welcome to purchase a copy of your own and take your picture with this extraordinary gentleman.

Get ready to laugh and be inspired. John’s integration of outdoor adventure stories and powerful success strategies are going to catapult you to a new level of personal achievement.