The Incentive Research Foundation (IRF) has announced the creation of a Professional Development Series that will debut at the 2013 Rewards & Recognition Expo in conjunction with the Recognition Professionals International Annual Conference, April 28-30, 2013 at the Hilton New Orleans Riverside, and continue through the spring and summer of 2013. The program, “Building Better Business Results through Incentives and Recognition,” will consist of on-site education in New Orleans, five webinars throughout 2013 and online discussion boards.

Session 2: Sunday April 28 4:00PM – 5:00PM

Expanding Strategic Impact : Using Reward and Recognition to Meet Cross-Organizational Needs

The mandate to do more with less doesn't just apply to incentive and recognition planners. Executive leaders across a wide variety of business disciplines are looking to improve outcomes.  In an economy that is people-driven, this represents a golden opportunity for you to add value across the enterprise. But how do you get started? Who should you approach?  What questions should you ask and what points should you make? This session will explore how incentives and recognition programs can support the strategic initiatives of Marketing, Operations, and Finance and will feature the voices of each. Attendees will come away better prepared to; serve multiple business agendas, integrate interrelated business needs into a stronger program structure and strengthen their evolving business case.

Speakers: Mike Ryan, Melissa Van Dyke, Brian DunneLynn Randall

Primary Learning Objectives

1.    Understand the connection between human behavior and brand promise and values

2.    Understand how to use reward and recognition programs to facilitate change adoption

3.    Apply changing workforce dynamics to your reward and recognition efforts

4.    Understand why virtual workforces have grown in numbers and how the technology that enables them can actually stymie productivity and engagement.

What to Expect as an Attendee:

  • Opening presentation followed by an engaging, interactive “Organizational Q&A” where the moderator will ask questions of the Finance, Operations, Marketing voices represented to clarify the role of incentives/recognition in solving their challenges
  • Call to action and support tools to assist you with reaching out to a member of these teams to discuss how Incentive/Recognition can help their efforts.  Who will you reach out to first and why?