Hi I’m Dahlton Bennington, as a corporate meeting professional managing a multitude of internal meetings and incentive programs, I feel Communication is MOST imperative to a successful incentive program from beginning to end.
It begins with communicating clear and concise performance criteria that’s aligned with the overall company’s objectives.

Next, and throughout the contest period - its consistently communicating participants Rankings or each participants up to date performance attained towards their goals.
These communications should not only highlight participant’s performance but also details of the incentive to be obtained to drive performance higher.
As the contest period draws to an end, celebrate the success of those in line to qualify and encourage those that are close to strive further and reach their goals.

At the end of the contest, recognize winning performance with valuable incentives.
With most incentives the Communications after the contest close are just as critical. Announcing winners and sharing all the necessary details of the incentive won and highlighting the next incentive opportunity.
In closing, Inconsistent or poor communication throughout an incentive contest is a miss opportunity whereas consistent, timely and relevant communication will enhance any incentive program and drive results higher.