I’m Ira Ozer, president of Engagement Partners, a consulting company that helps motivate and engage people to improve performance and business results.� We assess, design and administer incentive, recognition, loyalty and innovation programs and are able to provide unbiased advice, because we represent multiple incentive and innovation software platforms and motivational reward systems and are not tied to one proprietary solution or legacy platform. You can find us on the web at engagementpartners.com.�

There are many elements to ensure an effective incentive program, but the key is innovation!

Fundamentally, the purpose of an incentive program is to create lasting behavior change � in other words to get people to innovate and stretch beyond their current levels of activity and performance.�

The innovative elements that are necessary to achieve optimal results are:

  •          (First) Proper Design - the incentive program has to correctly align the sponsoring company’s business objectives with the participants’ personal motivation and capabilities.� The structure must incent desired behaviors in an effective way and take into account motivation psychology and innovative techniques such as gamification and social collaboration.� With this approach, the entire audience can be engaged and not just the top 10 - 20%.�
  •          Personal Awards � incentive awards must motivate each individual with “personal wants and not needs” and the award selection should be fresh and exciting.� Today, there are many continuous innovations in consumer electronics and new digital media solutions, along with many other categories such as special events and experiential travel. Award selection should always be dynamic and never stale and oriented to each participant.
  •          Innovative Technologies � new platforms that integrate collaboration, coaching and mobile participation which can drive engagement and results significantly.
  •          And possibly, even as important as innovative awards and technologies, successful incentive programs must have integrated communications, training, recognition, reporting and continuous measurement, so that the programs can be modified along the way and not only at the end, when it’s too late to optimize performance and take corrective action.

         To be effective, incentive programs must be flexible, living initiatives driven by continuous innovation!

For a free assessment or white papers, please feel free to call me at (914) 238-2220 or email me at iraozer@engagementpartners.com.

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