Allan Schweyer, IRF Chief Academic Advisor, discusses how people prefer to receive recognition and rewards. Based on findings from a first-of-a-kind experiment in the field of rewards and recognition, Schweyer explores the question of reward-earner preference – at both the conscious and unconscious levels – in the presentation of rewards and recognition. 

Some people prefer a great deal of pomp and ceremony when they are recognized, while others dislike the stage and would prefer a reserved and intimate presentation in front of their closest colleagues. Still, others prefer no show at all, just a verbal or written note of appreciation along with whatever cash or tangible non-cash reward that accompanies it. 

Schweyer discusses four primary types of reward presentation and highlight trends in preferences by demographic, including gender, generation, and sales vs. non-sales professional. While the research offers yet another warning against taking a one-size-fits-all approach to rewards and recognition, you will gain an understanding of the different drivers of award presentation preferences and ways of determining effective approaches for impactful presentation. 

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