How do notions get into our heads?  How do we capture a larger share of people’s minds? This 20-min session starts by digging into the neuroscience of communication.  By gaining a complete understanding of how the human brain absorbs and applies new information, we can do a better job with Incentive and Recognition program communications.  We’ll also discuss personalizing to the individual level – micro-targeting to individual motivational triggers.  This session also takes digital, social, and mobile trends and makes sense of how people use each of these tools to process information as well.


Primary Learning Objectives
  • Understanding why more than one communications medium is now necessary (virtual, mobile, video, print).  Communication mediums must be varied to hit all participants.

  • Uncover what these might mean to your audience
  • How to truly create a two-way dialogue
  • Understand the Implications of trends in communication exchange and their relevance for rewards and incentive program communications:  Digital (virtual, webstreaming, etc), Mobile, and Social Media