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Mike Walsh takes you on a whirlwind ride into the world of tomorrow in this digital video taken at the 2015 Incentive Research Foundation Invitational. Walsh speaks about engaging the next generation who are challenging the incentive community to re-invent what it does.


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Everything we know is changing - how we live, communicate, entertain and inform ourselves. This is
the new reality. It’s fast, disruptive and constantly shifting with the pace of technological
The challenge for leaders is not keeping up with change, but facing the real opportunity - if you could
start with a clean sheet of paper, how would you re-imagine the way you work?
Time is short. There is a new global generation growing up today who have never known a world
without smartphones and high speed digital connections. They are a living challenge to all of us to
rethink the way we do business. So think big, think new and most importantly - think quick.
The future is now...

Mike Walsh
Futurist, Global Speaker, Author

Learning Objectives

  • Learn how to engage the next generation.

  • Discover what is takes to build a culture of highly engaged, innovators.

  • Learn to communicate more effectively through data