IRF Community Tips and FAQs

  1. How do I join a community? 

    Communities are based around your role in the industry. Click on the link to your appropriate community below, the click the "request to join" button on the group page—one of our group admins will approve your request to join. Not sure which community you fit in to? Visit to see which group aligns best with your current role. 

    - Providers Community
    - Program Owners Community
    - Suppliers Community

  2. How do I find my community on LinkedIn? 

    Bookmark your community on your most-used devices so that you can visit it several times a week. 

    If you don’t have the URL to your community handy, log in to LinkedIn, and select “work” and then “groups” and then “my groups” and you’ll find your IRF community listed among your other groups. Or, visit and select “my groups” and then you’ll find your IRF community listed among your other groups.

  3. What's the best way to start a conversation? 

    Questions and discussions can focus on fun memories and unique experiences, challenges or lessons from work, or relate back to IRF research—it’s all up to you! Here are a couple tips and conversation starters:

    Ask questions that feel natural and encourage responses.
    A conversation-starter tells a story—it’s more than a one-liner! Include context and some personality and people will be enjoy reading and responding to it.
    Writer’s block? Think of the last interesting article you read and as you share it, tack on what you liked or disagreed with. 
    Have fun! This is your community, so consider the kinds of conversations you’d like to see, and then start them!

  4. What's the best way to engage in conversations?

    We recommend taking a brief look at this article about engaging on LinkedIn. While liking someone’s post or comment shows you’re paying attention, be sure to respond with a comment or start your own conversation to help drive thoughtful engagement:

  5. Can I invite others to join? 

    You are welcome to invite your peers to join the community that is most relevant to them. Information on the communities can be found here:

  6. How can I help new community members feel welcome?

    We encourage you to lead by example by posing both thoughtful and fun questions, and replying to others’ posts which might otherwise go uncommented upon.


Thank you for sharing your curiosity, ideas, and insights with you peers!

Information on the communities can be found here: If you have any additional questions about your IRF LinkedIn community, please contact one of the Group Managers.