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Over its 20 years in existence the IRF has underwritten over 80 projects and committed over $2 million to research and education. The IRF continues to release a new study each month.

As you begin to use the IRF’s research, we invite you to start here with and IRF Toolkit. Each toolkit is a great introduction to a specific area of research. Click a toolkit below to get key statistics, best practices, benchmarks, and recommended reading. These highlights will help you with your job and be a useful reference when you read some of the IRF’s more advanced and specific, cutting-edge research.

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Strategy, Design and Management of 
Incentive, Reward and Recognition Programs

What is a channel partner? Who is using non-cash channel partner reward programs? What are some best practices in designing these programs? Click here for an introduction to Channel Partner programs and for access to IRF's latest research about these strategies.

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The Psychology of Points

This paper explores the prevalence, perceptions, and motivational impact of workplace redeemable points rewards or ‘awards,’ (hereafter, “points rewards”). Specifically, we survey employees, review the existing literature... Read more