Find out what program owners and end-users think about the use and effectiveness of non-cash rewards. During our next webinar, IRF President Melissa Van Dyke and IRF Chief Research Advisor Megg Withinton will discuss the IRF’s latest release Voice of the Market, Part 1: The Use of Non-Cash Rewards & RecognitionBased on a series of extensive interviews conducted by the IRF, the study details the elements of a successful incentive program according to the professionals who manage their company’s reward programs.

Mel and Megg will discuss the study’s findings including why owners and managers of non-cash reward and recognition programs are strong advocates for the work they do. They’ll discuss what end-users are doing, why, how they’re measuring the results, their use of vendors, and what expert resources they use – and want. Throughout the webinar, you’ll learn trends, gain insights, and hear real-world examples.


Thank you to our Research Advocacy Partner