The most recent market sizing study from the Incentive Federation Inc. (IFI) conrmed that the use of incentive merchandise continues to reward and recognize employees, sales teams, channel and customers. In fact, 74% of all U.S. businesses run some type of non-cash program, and virtually all of these (98%) use some form of merchandise or gift card as a reward, collectively spending $54.4 billion each year.

About This Study

The Federation has been a top producer of research on the incentive marketplace, conducting surveys of corporate end-users and industry practitioners to identify trends and prevalent practices. Using the Market Sizing Study as its source, IFI complied the data most relevant to incentive merchandise and gift card providers to oer a useful snapshot that can be used with their clients and prospects.

While the study conrmed that 74% of U.S. businesses are using non-cash incentives to motivate, there is room for improvement. IFI hopes that professionals in the incentive merchandise/gift card industry will use this data to encourage growth in this area, and thereby the marketplace as a whole.

About The Incentive Federation

Founded in 1984 to focus on government aairs, the Incentive Federation continues to educate state and federal governments and agencies and has been successful at providing constructive input into tax laws related to the treatment of qualied noncash awards, in helping OSHA see the benets of safety incentive programs when writing related regulations, and in helping federal regulators understand that nancial institutions have legitimate uses for premiums and incentives. An alliance of associations involved in various aspects of the incentive marketplace, the Federation has expanded into three related domains: corporate outreach, education, and research.