Lynn Randall

Managing Director, Randall Insights TX, LLC

LYNN RANDALL has more than thirty years in the Incentive and Recognition industry and has built up quite a passion for the topic. That, in combination with her love for communications, data, and research, makes her the ideal Co-Chair for the Incentive Research Foundation’s Content and Communications committee. Lynn focuses her energy on improving the outcomes of incentive, recognition, communications, and event marketing experiences. Her work produces engagement and communication-related brilliance for clients, with emphasis on cooking up the right recipe of incentive and recognition program design to supercharge performance, applying the lessons of neuroscience to supercharge engagement, extracting the story from data to provide a blueprint for action, collaborating with clients to develop ongoing plans that meet the messaging and communications needs of both organizations and target constituents and moderating and facilitating groups with contrasting views to create a collective vision and unified solutions.

Lynn has her own consulting practice called Randall Insights TX, LLC. Previous experience includes serving as Senior Strategy Director at InVision Communications, and founding and leading consulting for the now defunct Business Solutions Group consulting practice at Maritz Travel.