As travel restrictions begin to ease, incentive planners anticipate air travel being a very different experience than it was before COVID-19. The IRF assembled a panel of airline experts from American Airlines, United Airlines, and Etihad Airways to offer insights into the next phase of airline travel. Find out how planning group travel will change, potential shifts in airline products, what new safety precautions airlines are implementing, and what the new airline passenger experience could be. 

Airline News & Resources

International Air Transport Association
Interactive Coronavirus Travel Regulations Map (map updated daily)

American Airlines
Cleanliness: Travel with Confidence (video and travel tips)
Caring for Your Safety and Well-Being Throughout Every Touchpoint of Your Travel Journey (PDF)

Delta Air Lines
More Space Through Summer: Delta will block middle-seat selection, cap cabin seating through September 30 (article)

Etihad Airways
Cleanliness and Hygiene on Our Flights (video)
Getting Our Aircraft Ready to Soar Again (video)
Etihad Cargo: Food and Medical Supplies (video)
Etihad Engineering: Getting Ready to Conquer the Skies Again (video)
Thanking our Frontline Heroes Etihad Wellness Infographic Guide (PDF)
Etihad Wellness Infographic Guide (PDF)

United Airlines
United – A Message from Our New CEO, Scott Kirby (video)
Coronavirus Resources: Where to Find Information (PDF)
United CleanPlus Infographic (PDF)

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