Many incentive program owners will tell you the secret to the success of their incentive program is a strong partnership with a destination management company. A good DMC knows the destination deeply and has relationships with restaurants, entertainment venues, various suppliers so that you can design a unique event that meets your program goals. The DMC can also help you ensure a safe experience through its relationships with local government, police, healthcare, and emergency response.

The IRF has assembled a panel of DMC experts to offer insights into how DMCs are working with planners as incentive travel programs are beginning to be relaunched. They discuss how the DMC model is changing, how DMCs support virtual and hybrid meetings, new safety measures, and more.

  • Cosimo Bruzzese, VP of Business Development, Global Sales, PRA
  • Stefano Giaquinta,CEO, Mutika
  • Trevor Hanks, Managing Partner, 360 Destination Group
  • Nicole Marsh, Partner, Imprint Events Group, a DMC Network Company 
  • Stephanie Harris, President, Incentive Research Foundation