Research / IRF Webinar: 2024 Trends

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IRF Webinar: 2024 Trends

by Incentive Research Foundation

As we begin 2024, incentives and recognition continue to be important tools for organizations. Leadership sees their value, employees are motivated by them, and the industry is positioned for a successful year. Yet given the current economic climate, incentive professionals are balancing the need to create transformative programs with the reality of inflation and budget constraints. During this IRF webinar, we discuss what lies ahead for the incentives industry as reported in: The IRF 2024 Trends Report:   

  • Increasing Importance of Incentives to Motivate Today’s Workforce 
  • Inflation Continues, and Budgets are Hit Hard 
  • The Workforce is Getting Younger and Priorities are Shifting 
  • Artificial Intelligence is Increasing Efficiency and Impact 
  • Tension Between Planners and Suppliers 
  • Increased Desire for New Incentive Travel Destinations and Unique Experiences

IRF Webinar 2024 Panelists:

Susan Adams 

Vice President, Engagement Strategy & Corporate Services, Next Level Performance 

Chair, 2024 IRF Board of Trustees 

Rudy Garza 

Vice President – Operations, Brightspot Incentives & Events 

Chair, 2024 IRF Research Committee 

Andy Schwarz 

Vice President, Content & Communications, IRF 

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IRF 2024 Trends Report

IRF 2024 Trends Report

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