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Decentralized Workforce:

Fundamental Drivers & Engagement in the New Workplace

The new decentralized workforce comes with new expectations, new drivers of performance, and new considerations for the structure and delivery of engagement programs to inspire employee performance and loyalty. This study explores the fundamental drivers of employee performance in the current work environment, the impact of hybrid workforces on culture. The report will provide recommendations on using incentives, recognition and engagement programs as drivers of employee experience.


Social Responsibility and Sustainability

Social responsibility requirements and sustainability continue to be part of our industry’s conversations. Diversity, employee engagement and labor-related issues are increasingly appearing on program RFPs as companies look to partner with responsible and sustainably-minded organizations. We’ll explore what organizations are expecting from their partners related to sustainability and social responsibility as well as how coming regulations could further shift expectations.


Incentive Travel Index

The Incentive Travel Index is a comprehensive view into the state of the global incentive travel industry. This is the fourth year of the collaboration between FICP, IRF and SITE Foundation on the Incentive Travel Industry Index. With research partner Oxford Economics, the organizations have again created an indispensable annual report on the state of incentive travel, providing data on current and future evolution.


2023 Outlook

Merchandise and Gift Card

The Outlook study is an annual look at the state of the merchandise, gift card, and event gifting industries, delivering insights to help fuel growth. The study looks at corporate, third party and supplier perspectives on the use, application, and effectiveness of various categories within the merchandise and gift card markets in North America and Western Europe.

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