2020 Committees

To join in on any of the IRF Committee Calls, please click here for the latest information regarding call times and dial in numbers. 

Executive Kari Vrba Jim Kelley

Mark Alt
Patrick Smith

Research Susan Adams Mike McWilliams

Rodger Stotz*
Betty Weinkle
Min Choi
Scott Siewert*
Michele Sarkisian*  
Dawn Schillinger*

James Adams*
Kevin Barosso*
Jim Micklos*
Heidi Chatfield*
Mike McWilliams*
Phil Bryant*
Krzysztof Celuch*
Jerry Klein*
Richard Low*
Craig Dooley*
Mike Ryan*
Rick Garlick - Chief Research Officer
Allan Schweyer - Chief Academic Officer

Nominating Soma Kim Chris Johnson
Events Cosimo Bruzzese Sarah Haines

Patrick Smith 
Nicky Baumohl*
Joost de Meyer
Ben Sauvage*
Adriene Tooley*
Joao Gaiao*
Karen Suttle*
Mark Alt
Jim Kelley
Ira Ozer*

Content and Communications Stephen Cook Morgan Crain

Mike May  
Damon Riddle*
Ira Ozer*
Sean Roark
Jim Kelley
Kelsey Nicol*
Jim Costello*
Jamie Randall*
Betty Weinkle
Dawn Ryburn
Lisa Paul*

Sponsor Development Committee Rodney Morrow Scott Siewert

Bich-Lien Kaldahl 
Xavier Bordedebat*
Karen Montaug*
Cate Banfield*
Karolyn Graves*
Ben Premack*
Kari Vrba
Marjorie Stone*
Joe Fijol*
Isabel Mahon*
Amy Rippelmeyer*
Lorraine Mahoney*



*Represents volunteer committee member