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IRF Gift Card Panel

Incentive program owners have had to make significant changes to their motivation and rewards programs in response to COVID-19. Whether adapting to reduced staff, work-from-home mandates, or new responsibilities on the front line, most program owners are adapting their programs goals and mix of rewards. A recent IRF survey reported that the use of gift…

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IRF Webinar: COVID-19 and Disruption in the Incentives Industry

During this webinar, we examine the incentives industry’s response to COVID-19 and recovery plans. Stephanie Harris, IRF President, and Allan Schweyer, Chief Academic Advisor, will discuss key findings and actionable takeaways from the newly released study, COVID-19 and Disruption in the Incentive Travel, Meetings and Events Industry. They will review threats to running incentive programs,…

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IRF Airlines Panel: Incentives Recovery Takes Flight

As travel restrictions begin to ease, incentive planners anticipate air travel being a very different experience than it was before COVID-19. The IRF assembled a panel of airline experts from American Airlines, United Airlines, and Etihad Airways to offer insights into the next phase of airline travel. Find out how planning group travel will change,…

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IRF Webinar: Metrics of Success for Incentive and Reward Programs

Join us as we examine how businesses are measuring, reporting, and defending the benefits of incentive programs during the IRF’s Metrics of Success Webinar. Stephanie Harris, IRF President, and Rick Garlick, IRF Chief Research Advisor, will discuss how, even before the global pandemic, the industry was starting to place more focus on hard metrics showing…

Top Performer
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IRF Webinar: IRF’s 2020 Top Performer Study

Find out what top performing companies do differently in incentives and rewards during the IRF 2020 Top Performer Webinar. Stephanie Harris, IRF President, and Rick Garlick, IRF Chief Research Advisor, discuss benchmarks, best practices, and non-cash rewards strategies used by top performing companies. 

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IRF Webinar: Rewards & Recognition: Using Your Program to Engage Remote Teams

As COVID-19 forces many workers to work remotely, many organizations are wondering how to help facilitate the shift and keep workers productive and engaged. In this webinar you’ll hear from experts in program design and management on how to maximize the effectiveness of your current reward and recognition programs during this transition. Our Chief Academic…

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IRF Webinar: The IRF 2020 Trends Report

The IRF 2020 Trends Report highlights key trends that will affect organizations, their products and services, and the workforce in 2020. The report identifies key areas of change and provides actionable suggestions on how embrace these changes to enhance the design, measurement, and analysis of incentive programs. Join Stephanie Harris, IRF President, and Andy Schwarz,…

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IRF Webinar: Incentive & Events Industry Software Report: 2020

Gain key insights from the Incentive & Events Industry Software Report: 2020. Stephanie Harris, IRF President, and Allan Schweyer, IRF’s Chief Academic Advisor and author of the report, discuss how technology is being selected, customized, and integrated into rewards and recognition programs. They address what features and functionality program owners prioritize now – and what will…

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